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how to write a descriptive paragraph

It has one of three patterns of organization: chronological, spatial, or an order of importance. In the foreground of the painting, one naked man is being attacked by a huge gray shark in the cold and choppy seawater.

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If not, try new ones. Plan your description.

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Read other writers' descriptions. Make a draft. Never attempt to write something until you have done this. Plan your description. If describing a place, imagine you are actually there. The writer uses words that create an image and help the reader see, touch, feel, smell, or taste the topic that he or she is describing. Objective description usually uses neutral words, since they do not evoke emotions; this type of description generally provides information without adding feelings. Unit 2 Page 29 2 What is a descriptive paragraph? Read through your finished paragraph. After looking for one month to find a suitable apartment, I finally found the apartment where we have been living. One small overloaded rowboat is near the naked man and the frightening shark. Some people are reaching for his hand, and some are throwing a rope for him to catch. Or they can find places closed in the winter because of the snow.

When two adjectives come after be, separate them with and. He She is is not athletic. Write down notes relating to all five senses.

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Besides, there is a sofa next to the piano, a loveseat beside the TV, and also a low table between them. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in it. Or they can find places closed in the winter because of the snow. Read through your finished paragraph. Entering the living room from the front door, we can we a new piano in the corner, with a vase of colorful flowers on it. In the opposite corner stands a Sony television, which I bought for my children to watch cartoons and for us to see films and get the daily news. You We They are are not brothers. Read other writers' descriptions. Write down any ideas for metaphors, similes and personification.

They can find cool temperatures in the summer; also they can find warm weather in the winter.

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