The tragedy of dublane that happened in 1996

I knew the teacher and the pupils were well known to my friends and family. I remember our teacher at the time obviously finding out, but opting not to tell us and letting our parents tell us instead. The juxtaposition between the arrival of our child and the events in Dunblane was too awful to contemplate so we switched off the radio in the labour room.

Dunblane scotland

His last shot killed himself. There were no kids there, just hundreds of little adults, forced to re-think how safe they actually felt in their classrooms. I looked at my eldest son and saw what pleasure he brings into my life. In a message to Mr Forsyth, the Queen said she was "deeply shocked by the appalling news from Dunblane". The disgraced former Scout master, a local man, killed or injured all but one of the class of 29 five and six-year olds, before shooting himself. On the day of the massacre, he drove into the school parking lot at about in the morning. The only tape we had with us was Enya's Memories of Trees. The recording of the revised version of the song, which included brothers and sisters of the victims singing the chorus and Mark Knopfler on guitar, was released on 9 December in the UK, and reached number 1. I immediately remembered being in Cardiff on business.

Criminologist Peter Squires said the real picture shows a slight but significant decline in the use of firearms since Dunblane. Later he ran a boys club - at one time in the school gym, some say - and recently, said a neighbour, he had been turned down as a voluntary worker for the primary school where he yesterday wreaked such bloody havoc.

Home Office and Office for National Statistics. There wasn't the usual hustle and bustle: kids talking to each other, playing around and teachers demanding silence. After further complaints, he was required to leave the Boy Scoutswhich angered him.

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Dunblane massacre