The great blizzard essay

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The Water Group manufactures innovative products used in the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. The accumulations of snow were enormous. The term blizzard came from the word used to describe a volley of musket fire. Two legendary blizzards occurred in All weather events for decades were measured against it, and people would relate their memories of the storm to their children and grandchildren. The second of the blizzards is known as the Great Blizzard of Extensive snowstorm and blizzard spread from Virginia to New England. Affected area from Philadelphia to Massachusetts. Madison Avenue is nearly deserted.

When the park was crowded and visibility was poor because the snow was coming down so fast, the scene reminded me of an impressionist painting. And everyone involved with modern technology realized how fragile it could be.

The great blizzard essay

A number of people were injured in the collision. Few seats were occupied, but P. May 14, One of largest D. The amount of snow recorded is the largest snowfall from a single storm in North America. The massive March blizzard killed five people in Kentucky and over people nationwide Lott, But beneath it is a whole different story.

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New York City experienced its heaviest snowfall recorded to date at that time, all street railcars were stranded, and the storm lead to the creation of the NYC subway system. Dead cattle clogged up rivers and spoiled drinking water. As they observed it closely, they predicted that a terrible storm can bubble up from the Gulf of Mexico, if the low pressure area happens to meet colder air over the northern areas of the United States.

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It simultaneously affected the lives of ,, people in the United States. John Finley was president of City College from and he used to walk everywhere in Manhattan…even in the snow. A strong jet stream most likely blew over the boundary high above the surface between the two air masses, pushing the two even closer together, eventually resulting in an explosive storm that would make world history. There were reports of about five feet of snow already on the ground when the first of the storms hit. Trains derailed, crashed, or simply became immobile for days, some with hundreds of suddenly stranded passengers. There is absolutely no traffic on the FDR Drive. Insurance claims from Texas to Maine tallied damage estimates in the billions of dollars. Shortly after midnight, in the early hours of March 12, the temperature dropped below freezing and the rain turned to sleet and then heavy snow. Edward F. Thunderstorms and Lightning: On Saturday morning, March 13, , people in the Eastern United States heard the raging sound of strong wind and the crashing sounds of thunder. Since I will have a considerable amount of less experience than the other interns, I will really have to prove myself and show that I am cut out for the Blizzard team. Storm of the Century.

The area came to a complete stand still and people were trapped in their homes for a week.

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