The effects of the millennium bug on the society

Y2k hysteria

The Rise of the Network Society. The US Government followed a three-part approach to the problem: 1 outreach and advocacy, 2 monitoring and assessment, and 3 contingency planning and regulation. For example, was a leap year, but , and were not. I used to write those programs back in the s and s, and was proud of the fact that I was able to squeeze a few elements of space out of my program by not having to put a 19 before the year. On 3 January the first weekday of the year , the Small Business Administration received an estimated 40 calls from businesses with computer problems, similar to the average. Software refers to the electronic programs used to tell the computer what to do. Interest rates are the amount of money a lender, such as a bank, charges a customer, such as an individual or business, for a loan. Some programs may have relied on the oversimplified rule that a year divisible by four is a leap year. New York: Routledge, September 14, So what was the Y2K effect which really scared us all?

The naval observatory, where the main clock that marks the official time of the country operates, had an interference. Background[ edit ] Y2K is a numeronym and was the common abbreviation for the year software problem.

Y2k apocalypse

Not unlike other constructions of risk and blame, 7 this construction of risk places blame on those different from ourselves in the U. We'll take a look right away. Within these discourses, we have found that Y2K is about far more than preparing for the potential effects of a single line of computer code. The Baltimore Sun noted this in their article, "Apocalypse Now — Y2K spurs fears", where they reported the increased call for repentance in the populace in order to avoid God's wrath. This method works fine for the year because it is a leap year , and will not become a problem until , when older legacy programs will likely have long since been replaced. Banks, which calculate interest rate s on a daily basis, faced real problems. An elementary school library computer overcharged the students for borrowing books for years. Share your voice. Progress, in fact, becomes a double-edged sword. The boundaries between technologies and communities blur in these depictions; the failure of one would precipitate the failure of the other. Not all problems recorded were directly linked to Y2K programming in a causality ; minor technological glitches occur on a regular basis.

Credit card transactions were rejected or failed altogether while reciprocally working certain systems. This rhetoric shifts the focus from our feelings about technologies and our feelings about globalization to a reification of old divisions and binaries that support an ideologically-comfortable place for us to make sense of it all.

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In both countries, the birth year was historically indicated by two digits only. Romania[ edit ] Romania also changed its national identification number in response to the Y2K problem, due to the birth year being represented by only two digits.

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Essays may be lightly modified for readability or to protect the anonymity of contributors, but we do not edit essay examples prior to publication. The situation was essentially one of preemptive alarm.

Government also established a Center for Year Strategic Stabilityas a joint operation with the Russian Federation.

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Constructing The Millennium Bug