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One of the main advantages of using WiFi data is its availability at no additional cost to building managers and operators. Making Education More Interactive From sending an email to conducting a video interview to competing in an online math competition, internet for schools allows students to meet people from around the world.

I wanted the iPad to merely be a tool to aide in constructing knowledge, not the device to deliver the knowledge. No Wi-Fi means that there is no internet access on these devices.

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The significance and originality of the research stem from being the first study to the author's knowledge that investigates using WiFi data and CO2 concentration simultaneously to detect real-time occupancy.

There are a number of examples on this website of projects created by students using mobile devices. This allows for the collection of energy consumption data, HVAC operational schedules, set points, temperatures and flow rates using a wide range of sensors across the system.

Specifically with regards to Wi-Fi, the study showed that: High speed access to online information enables more self-directed learning and rapid access to a fast-growing market of relevant and regularly updated educational apps.

Using WiFi-based occupants' detection can provide a reliable solution for controlling building management systems BMSs [ 9 ]. This is a very good example of the type of classroom that is possible with ready access to Wii.

Retrofits aiming to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems, typically focus on upgrading boilers and chillers or adding heat recovery systems.

Similarly, it is important to acknowledge the impact of real-time occupancy detection on other applications, such as evacuation planning, and improving space utilization within large buildings [ 8 ].

W-iFi allows for initiatives such as computing where every student in a school is given their own device when they arrive at the school and BYOD Bring Your Own Device programs, such as the ones that have been developed in Alberta. Implications and influences: Given the large contribution of HVAC systems to overall buildings' energy consumption, this study presents a new method for efficiently operating HVAC systems.

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The positive impact of WiFi at schools