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Incompetent judges have also greatly hampered the timely administration of justice, hence made the judiciary weak.

Principles of good governance essay

See also:. It is a sort of deluge which is engulfing our country and giving rise to many problems. Justice delayed is justice denied, which directly contributes to powerlessness of the poor. Owing to fragile economy, FDI is shrinking on account of terrorism and political instability. The rich are getting richer and the poor are becoming poorer. No one considers himself above law. Now, it is very easy to raise public opinion for good governance through the use of electronic media. Determining Good Governance Two standards are used to suggest what is required to craft good governance: one for developing nations and another for industrialized countries. Media is called the fourth pillar of the state and is instrumental in ensuring good governance. Sako, 35—

Food shortage in an agricultural country is something quite unacceptable. Bloomfield, Conn.

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San Francisco: JosseyBass, Everyone whatever illegal he does, thinks it as his right. It has also crippled our industrial sector.

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Feeding people is a national responsibility. Caiden, O.

good governance essay pdf

The institutions have almost abandoned their responsibility. In addition to this, the rampant corruption is further rotting them. Transparency and rule of law are prerequisites for ensuring accountability.

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