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The next morning Arthur cycles back to Crythin to refill his food stock and then returns to Eel Marsh House again.

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A photo of the Drablows is defaced while Arthur's back is turned. Any attempts by Kipps to find out the truth causes pained and fearful reactions. Late 18th century Late 19th century Early 20th century This is a tricky one!

the woman in black analysis

Keckwick will take him there and return later to pick him up again. Arthur's young son Joseph, who is coming to Crythin Gifford the next day with his nanny, is Jennet's next intended victim.

Sam also lets his dog stay with Arthur for company. Arthur describes it thus when he first happens upon it: Then, as it was so bright that it hurt my eyes to go on staring at it, I looked up ahead and saw, as if rising out of the water itself, a tall, gaunt house of gray stone with a slate roof, that now gleamed steelily in the light.

He is a nice young man who does his work well. He is a round character because he changes in the book. The family vanishes into the fog together while the Woman in Black looks on and then turns to face the audience.

She announced that she would give up writing and in married Stanley Wells, a Shakespeare scholar. The beginning of the novel sets the scene with Arthur Kipps as a comfortably settled, mature man, surrounded by family.

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At the funeral, he sees a woman dressed in black and with a pale face and dark eyes, whom a group of children are silently watching.

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The Woman in Black ( film)