Rules are made to be broken

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We thereby make it easier to convict wrongdoers—including manipulators, coercers, planners, and inciters—whose wrongdoing is difficult to prove. But some rules are very much essential. If rules are meant to be broken then there would be an other name for rules i.

Thus, rules are kept for that if anyone tries to break it then he would have to think twice.

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The second possibility is that law-makers seek to achieve those ends primarily—ideally—by means of conviction. What is the case for the identification principle? If it is a crime to possess information likely to be useful to terrorists, it is much easier for prosecutors to secure the conviction of those identified as having planned terrorist attacks—much easier, that is, than it would have been if planning itself had been criminalized.

I shouldn't accept that type of rule that is against our thinking or against to our nation, if take the example of British government they imposed lot of rule over the Indian that was not necessary like toilet act, English become compulsory on that time, temple tax pits India act.

Rules is made to regulate the system to achieve the individual's or group's goal. This worry is expressed with particular force in the literature on criminal law.

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There is a rule for everything and a deeply entrenched expectation of obedience that is handed down from the government as well as the familial unit. As a result, she looks for evidence of p having offended, and, on finding reasonable grounds for suspicion, makes the arrest. Rules are made for the safety of a person. Instead, I argue that whatever justice may be produced by LMBs is justice law-makers must not seek if they are to govern in accordance with the ideal of the rule of law. In cricket, there is a rule not to ball after a fixed line. I also claimed that the law must guide the conduct of state officials and institutions. Such laws are enacted because it is assumed that some of those who violate them will have manipulated or coerced fellow minors, or will have been planning terrorist attacks.
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Is the saying "rules are made to be broken" correct?