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It means networking is also a major key on collaborating inside the library. Hernon, Powell, and Young conducted research in academic and public libraries to assess the qualities that library directors need in order to be uccessful in their careers and have written an effective book on the results of their work.

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A Library System is a system which is used to track books, magazines, newspaper, etc in a certain library without the hassle of card catalogs. The goal of the study is to assess the usefulness of the faculty of students to their library and it been revealed that it is generally important for them to go to the library for their academic needs.

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The librarian is encountering problems in doing transactions like borrowing books, checking the availability of books, returning and accessioning of books because all the transactions are being done manually. Such trend of development is clearly, though not yet sufficiently, in accordance with the obsession of no other than former President of the Republic, Ferdinand E.

As regards the response to the information services provided by university libraries, it can be said that research workers do not use the services properly since the role of the library as an agent for the transfer of information has been disregarded in the research process, this type of user tending to acquire information through informal channels of communication, such as personal contacts with other colleagues.

This association enables KnowItNow24X7 users to access both the special collection and the staff of professional law librarians when the information needs are beyond the scope of traditional public library service.

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This digest will focus on initial considerations for implementing an automated facility. Viesca cited in their approved thesis proposal at present ACLC has three hundred sixty five students enrolled. So the librarian or the staffs can monitor every time the books that carried outside by the students. However, by , Adlington, in a white paper to Vanderbilt, reported: On the back end, we continue to rely on methods developed when we had rather than 25, eresources. Karen Foss , Library Director of the Catawba County Library System in Newton, North Carolina has expressed that it is difficult to find materials to help new public library managers cultivate their professional development. Therefore this type of system is exactly a big help on the state of the Philippine libraries. For example, in an integrated system, a patron can view a bibliographic record in the online catalog and also see that the book has been checked out and when it is due back to the library. Finally, it provides a quick look at how this technology will affect both the libraries and communities. These changes in effect make mans life easier and more convenient. These changes are dependent not only on information needs but also on the possible impact of the introduction of new services.

Library staff and patrons can have access to all pertinent information at one location. There was also extensive duplication of titles.

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Review of Related Literature of Library System