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These decades consisted of many citizens lost their life savings, and jobs.

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Over thirteen people were sentenced to death during the witch trials. The practice of witchcraft was commonly believed in the English colonies, the people of Salem Village was very edgy and fearful of death Their anxiety could have built on the thought of voodoo and the image of magic threatening to overpower them. What set the trials in motion is still partially a mystery. The Salem witch trials were caused by rebellious teens who wanted to protect themselves from punishment, and people who were simply envious of their neighbors and wanted the possessions that they had The Salem Witch Trials happened in colonial Massachusetts between and As thoughts of witches invaded the minds of Salem, they could have been conjuring a way to reverse the power between them and the older women. Despite the difference of roughly two hundred and sixty years, the outcome of such uprisings has remained unchanged. The girls screamed out in pain, had horrendous fits, and cried that they were being possessed by the devil. It was an outbreak of one Puritan accusing another, hearings, trials, and executions of the people found guilty of witchcraft. The supernatural was a commonplace observance in 17th-century North America. Suspicion flooded the holy Puritan town, and led to accusations of innocent people. Internal disputes, strict religious lifestyles, accusations from young children, witch hunting methods, spectral evidence, and even some medical theories all stand as causes of the Salem Witch Trials.

But, Salem was not the only town in New England that had witch trials in One of the most popular witch hunts of American History of the sixteenth century, that has received popularity amongst modern culture and scholars, was the Salem witch hunts otherwise known as the Salem witch trials of Over thirteen people were sentenced to death during the witch trials.

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Roach Due to these conditions, Salem became the site of the largest and most violent witch hunts in America. Such accusations of being a witch sacrificed many human lives. It was the time of the Salem witch trials. Yet, in the years to , witchcraft was certainly on their minds. The witch trials lasted less than a year. It probably all started with a few petty fights between neighbors over land or some financial issue. This occurred for many different reasons; either they were hanged for their crimes, crushed by stones for refusing to stand trial on their cases, or from waiting in the jail for so long before their case came up In the year , Salem was officially established located on Massachusetts north shore.

When this was over, the hope would be that nothing like it would ever happen again and nothing like it had ever happened before. Gradually, though, a mixture a religious, economical, and political reasons instigated different periods of fear and uncertainty among society.

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She confessed and gave the names of nine other witches. Not to mention, cold weather and disease which contributed highly to the outcome of the trials Witchcraft is believing in and the use of practical magic, such as casting spells, calling on spirits, or predicting the future.

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He was tried on August 5,found guilty, and hanged on August 19, While the afflicted were having fits of hysteria, the witnesses would view them of being possessed, and their fear of witches would make them demand for the name of the witch.

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