Phd coursework ukm

Topics covered include individual differences with regard to personality, perceptions, emotions, attitudes, and behaviorsemployee motivation, leadership, and research issues in organizational behavior. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis will be discussed.

Phd coursework ukm

Students will acquaint themselves with the latest theories, published research findings and applications of strategic management in business and non-profit organization. International Marketing Theory and Research This course identifies opportunities, characteristics and trends in international marketing.

Doctoral candidates will be exposed to product management issues at the micro - as well as macro-levels. Students are expected to follow the developments of selected streams of research and evaluate empirical studies in these areas.

This course also discusses theoretical structures and its underlying assumptions to encourage in-depth discussion and reasoning.

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A person who wishes to apply for admission to the Doctorate programme shall possess the following qualification: 1. There will be a balance between theory and practitioner perspectives.

For certain programmes, a candidate is required to sit for an English Proficiency Placement Test EPPT and if he fails to achieve the level specified by the programme, the candidate is required to attend and pass the English Proficiency Module EPM in a maximum period of two 2 semesters before he is allowed to register for the study programme.

Students are able to evaluate monetary policy towards overseas markets and capital.

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