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Any negative information will not be mentioned at all.

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Independence, the acceptance of one's intellectual responsibility for one's own existence, requires that a man form his own judgments and that he support himself by the work of his own mind. Her position is that without God it is up to man alone to pursue his own happiness and create his own values. On the other hand, anti-positivism believes that the world is socially constructed thus knowledge is subjective. There are so many ways to come at this subject and they all feel very personal. It does this by drawing the reader into the world of the photograph, and allowing them to experience the realism of the scenario. In those cases in which he does perceive reality accurately, he cannot totally prove it since if, as Rand maintains, the senses and the brain are the only means by which we know reality, there is no way to compare reality with perceptions created by the brain. Happiness requires that one live by objective principles, including moral integrity and respect for the rights of others. Man's need for these principles is his need for a code of morality. With objectivism being so tight knit and different from the society in the book, it seems that it would be almost impossible to truly follow in its entirety. What Kant is saying is that the only thing which can be qualified as good is good intention The state's function is thus restricted to the retaliatory use of force. In this paper I will first define what journalistic objectivity, and then address the following questions, Can or should a journalist be objective, under what circumstances can objective journalism be beneficial, The conceptions of objectivity traditionally employed in liberal democratic political philosophy are not well-suited to play this role because they are insufficiently sensitive to the social and ideological pluralism of modern societies From the first strains of Objectivism established during her childhood in Russia, Ayn Rand would develop and cultivate her ideas further in each novel, culminating in her magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged

In this short paper, I will argue that moral objectivism is a more satisfactory moral theory than ethical relativism. Remaining impartial.

The common factor in these changes is people.

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Metaphysics is an objective reality where you only accept facts as reality and not fantasies or desires. Independence, the acceptance of one's intellectual responsibility for one's own existence, requires that a man form his own judgments and that he support himself by the work of his own mind.

Refusal to recognize and act according to the facts of reality will result in his destruction.

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Whatever furthers its life is good and that which threatens it is evil. By acting according to some certain moral standards, people are expecting some positive results. Fellini and textual theory "Sexuality is a legal fiction," says Lacan; however, according to Hanfkopf[1] , it is not so much sexuality that is a legal fiction, but rather the rubicon, and subsequent collapse, of sexuality. Ayn Rand , a best-selling novelist and world-renowned philosopher, deductively developed a unique philosophical system called Objectivism which has affected many lives over the last half century. According to Rand, man has no innate knowledge and, therefore, must determine through thought the goals, actions, and values upon which his life depends. A person without objectivity functions much like a child. Men are essentially independent beings with free wills; therefore, it is up to each individual to choose his code of values using the standard that is required for the life of a human being. In novels such as The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged , Rand dramatized her ideal man, the producer who lives by his own effort and does not give or receive the undeserved, who honors achievement and rejects envy.

In reality, the theory traces its roots through Piaget and Dewey to Kant. Self-value has to be earned by thinking. It is much like they are too big children with the power to hurt others around them who expect them to be objective

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