Norway and the world war 2 essay

Beyond that, the Norwegian troops knew nothing of atomic bombs or how the heavy water was used. First Hitler took over the country of Austria. It did aide both sides, however, which is perhaps what has led to the debate surrounding the reality of its neutrality.

According to Professor Thomas Christian Wyllerthe policies of commerce and neutrality soon became one.

The poem is still recited. As an early promoter of arbitration, Norway had been at the forefront of promoting international cooperation and arbitration as a means to settle conflicts peacefully. Continuously adding new regulations, laws, and demands made it easy to be in danger of arrest.

When the Norwegian ocean liners were given safe sailing routes north of Scotland, allowing them to bypass British harbors, the British granted an exemption from the Orders in Council. The envoy was named Force and the operation was called "Operation Crofter".

Thus, inNorwegian foreign policy was understood to be essentially trade policy, and the Norwegians were well aware that they were within the British sphere of influence. The agreement — or memorandum — is attached to this document.

norway ww2 timeline
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Norway in World War II