Mgt 301

Examples include an overview of University and Bloch School resources, development of effective study habits, time and stress management, selection of a major and career options.

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Must have sophomore or junior standing. Students will learn to lead from within, and build and lead high impact and innovative teams.

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The teams will be closely supervised by a faculty member with expertise related to the simulation or project. Students are introduced to our common law system; selected areas of law, with attention to the inclusion of cultural and moral values; and an introduction to government regulation of business. Subject to College's guidelines on internships. Topics will address key areas in the talent pipeline from sourcing and selection, training and development, motivation and performance management, to talent management metrics and analytics. Student groups will work with a local organization to diagnose, analyze, and make recommendations regarding effective programs in staffing, developing, rewarding, motivating, and managing its personnel. Focuses on elementary concepts of planning, financing, developing, and managing a new business. Analytical methods in staffing, rewards, benefits, performance management, diversity, legal issues, safety, and current HR topics will be explored. Student must obtain a grade of C or higher. Prerequisites: Departmental consent with special application and selection process. Prerequisites: Bloch student and completion of 45 hours. Consent of department chair required. Students examine cases and engage in virtual exercises to experience ethical and mindful ways to engage in the virtual environment. In-depth regional and country business and cultural profiles will be investigated to provide students with multiple contrasting perspectives to their own upbringing or sense of identity a global mindset , allowing them to better sympathize, communicate, and collaborate when working in cross-cultural business environments. Management is the art and science of helping individuals achieve goals together, often in organizations. As such, we will draw upon key theories in organizational behavior to address human resource issues arising from the employment relationship.

Topics may include sales, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections, aspects of property law, documents of title, investment securities, and secured transactions.

Course emphasizes strategic analysis, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. They will learn to analyze outcomes and strategies during the debriefing sessions and will have an opportunity to compare results of their negotiations to the results of other people in class.

We will explore political, economic, cultural, and other differences between countries that are salient to international business. Examines employer responsibilities and employee rights under federal state law pertaining to separations, discrimination, compensation and other terms of employment, worker safety and health, privacy, and unions.

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The foundation of the course is research-based; topics will be approached from the context of empirical research. Students will incorporate individual, interpersonal, organizational, and societal foci for managing at an individual and organizational level.

Virtual-appropriate variations of interaction, collaboration, conflict management, decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership are introduced. This course cannot be used to satisfy requirements of the Management major.

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MGT Operations Management