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The LaTeX Companion. Examples of producing a publication list and referees section is provided on the second page. Easily extended to higher that the basic 2 dimensions, it is quickly obvious that the size of each dimension must be increased from three to make the game nontrivial. Page numbering in the automatically-generated prologue pages contents page, etc. In addition, many of the class options which are valid for report class are disallowed in thesis class: titlepage, notitlepage, twoside, twocolumn, landscape, legalpaper, a4paper, a5paper, b5paper, and executivepaper. Online and open access, Scientific Reports is a primary research publication from the publishers of Nature, covering all areas of the natural and clinical sciences. However, the template is heavily commented in English, so it should be easy to use this template in theses written in English.

This template is not intended for doctoral dissertations as these are usually printed in the Aalto publication series. The bibliography environment is defined to underline titles, rather than using italics or boldface, even when you don't choose typewriterstyle.

The first argument is the official university designation of the department, e.

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In thesis. Guide to LaTeX. This option is the sum of two base options, inlineh4 and nonumh4.

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To indicate that any of these are only one page long, or nonexistent, use the following commands as needed. Headings are all in boldface, and chapter, section, and subsection headings are numbered.

Example by Division by Zero Language. Three of the prologue sections are generated by LaTeX and not created explicitly by you; the table of contents, list of figures, and list of tables.

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