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Therefore, there is much potential for good. Macbeth is not fit for the task with his Scotland is bleeding. It is an act of extreme evil and this is reflected in the disorder that results in nature.

Violence is committed many times in the book but not all for the same motive. He, along with his brother, immediately decides to rely on themselves to preserve their dynasty by leaving Scotland despite the obvious and inevitable suspicion that it raises and their own bereavement.

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These prophecies mean nothing if Macbeth is not influenced to do something about it. Always seeking peace and not violence and trying to conquer new land for his own kingdom. Firstly, there is the kind, almost ideal kingship of Duncan, whose murder creates the perversion of this ideal. Who knew such a thing existed! Author: Michelle Kivett. The potential for evil in kingship is explored through the many murders committed by Macbeth. Edward can see Malcolm innocence and kindly offers him a safe haven where he can regroup. Macbeth, once he became king, did not know how to rule a country. The enormous amount of heart-stopping gruesome references to blood and violence emphasise the consequences of the inadequate regime for which Macbeth is responsible. The stability of the state depends on the king. However, his behaviour once he achieves his goal of becoming King is unquestionably oppressive and unjust. James believed strongly in divine right.

The playwrights use of language in Macbeth is probably the brightest example of his ability to develop striking images. Yes in the sense that they are innocents who have committed no crime. He shows that a king should be chosen by divine right and shows the character and attributes of what is takes to be a good king.

He generously provides them with the army force that need to win their battle.

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Nostbakken, 2 Macbeth is an epitome of a tragic hero. Malcolm, like Edward and Duncan, is the rightful heir to the throne and this status promises a benign reign. In the play Lady Macbeth proves this to be true. Even Macbeth recognised the noble character of the King before murdering him in his sleep. Duncan is pictured as the perfect, impartial king in the play. Macbeth starts the play as a very brave, fierce and loyal warrior. During the battle to overthrow Macbeth we learn that those who obeyed Macbeth through fear rather than loyalty are now deserting him and switching sides. Macbeth is rewarded with the title of the Thane of Cawdor and is showered with the praise and promise of future glory. One such argument is that this Duncan has been so clear in his great office. From this we can also conclude that he is a friendly king towards his neighbour countries. As the opposing forces of goodness assemble, liturgical language and imagery become more fluid and frequent.

When making a decision, one should use reason, which is having a logical justification or motive. There is a pointed contrast between Edward and Macbeth.

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Violence is committed many times in the book but not all for the same motive. Macbeth could have become a worthy king if he did not let his ambition and greed take control. Macbeth is not fit for the task with his Scotland is bleeding. He is admired by his subjects for his justice, gratitude, generosity and humility. Duncan was a king who rules with peace and honesty, but his trusting nature unfortunately lead to his untimely death. These qualities are firstly shown when King Duncan performs two of the basic duties of a king: punishing the bad and rewarding the good. Malcolm Malcolm who is the rightful heir to the throne of Scotland appears to a worthy king.

The Banquet scene is a pivotal moment however.

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