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Chapter 6: Specialised uses of vocabulary What are the general discourse functions of academic vocabulary.

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What kinds of training are effective in developing the skill? Jackie Yeoh: Email communication in the workplace.

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Pamela Protheroe:The effect of illustrations on the ability of children to draw inferences while reading narrative texts.

Use a CAVL program to evaluate the effect on learning of meeting the same item in different contexts. Replicate Joe's study of the differing effects of differing degrees of generating. Look at the incidence of academic vocabulary in university lectures.

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Experimentally test the differing effects of noticing, retrieving, and generating. Chapter 2: Knowing a word Design a test to investigate the degree to which learners of English have control of important spelling rules. What common information do they add? The work on the different kinds of definition seems to have been thoroughly done, but it has focused only on limited areas of academic discourse. Make an observation checklist to grade semantic mapping performances. Measure the pattern of native speaker and ESL non-native speaker vocabulary growth. For example, do the method sections use a similar set of vocabulary which is different from the results section? Rebecca White:Lexical richness in adolescent writing: Investigating productive vocabulary in New Zealand secondary schools.

Leilarna Kingsley:Language policy in multilingual workplaces: Management, practices and beliefs in banks in Luxembourg. Deborah Chua: Comparative alternation in y-adjectives.

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Ewa Kusmierczyk: "The only problem is getting a job" - multimodal discourse analysis of job interviews in New Zealand. Chapter 8: Word study strategies Devise a test of receptive knowledge of important derivational affixes for non-native speakers of English. What unique information do different techniques add to word knowledge? Compare several experimental reports to see if the same academic vocabulary occurs in the same parts of the reports. The work on the different kinds of definition seems to have been thoroughly done, but it has focused only on limited areas of academic discourse. That is, is the academic vocabulary just a more formal version of part of the most frequent 2, words, or does it add new meanings? Betsy Quero Bastidas: The vocabulary load of academic texts.

Compare the results with a corpus study. What difficulties do homographs cause for guessing from context.? Honeyfield claims that simplified reading texts distort normal language use. Chapter 5: Vocabulary and reading and writing Do different kinds of learning occur from reading compared with learning from different kinds of exercises?

Develop a procedure for quickly assessing the coverage of high frequency words in text books. Anna Piasecki :The effects of proficiency on sub-lexical processing in bilingual visual word recognition.

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