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However, after receiving some reinforcements he inflicted a decisive defeat on his enemies, at the battle of Thapsus and this led to the suicide of many prominent senators including Cato the Younger. Although he was forced into a difficult decision, was he justified in crossing the Rubicon, a military decision with potentially an enormous political impact?

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The men who killed him were a mixture of both his longest serving deputies and his former enemies, as examples Trebonius and Cassius respectively. Although in 49BC he had only one legion, his customary tactic of speed and surprise proved all that was required to take Rome.

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First, there are a number of examples pertaining to his decision-making without compromising personal integrity, in his favour he was the champion of the people, his legislation was central to their progression. The remaining senators and Pompeiians regrouped in Spain and once more assembled a large army.

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He was breed for success. Selecting a good leader for a country is like dominoes. The ambitious young politician was later elected Pontifex Maximus chief priest of Rome and secured for himself the governorship of a province in Spain. He is also very confident in himself and so whatever he decides to do he does, and does not change his mind. Simon and Schuster. His aim to unite Italy under a Roman banner, with everyone a citizen of Rome failed and to be succeeded by Augustus. Julius spent much of his time talking, shaking hands with, and listening to the citizens. Also, if the leader were noble to his countrymen, then there would not be any disputes within the country.

Caesar took what he perceived to be rightfully his, as arguably the first man of Rome it would be unreasonable for him not to receive respect at the very least. Caesar was certainly a man capable of individual excellence in all these areas. Caesar was eventually pushed to the limit, and had his armies cross the Rubicon River the Roman boarder.

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Politically he was not capable of challenging his opponents. Modern statue of Julius Caesar Julius Caesar is widely regarded as one of the greatest commanders of all time.

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Even once his time as consul had ended, he was elected proconsul to extend his ruling time. Visit Website Caesar was by then inextricably involved in the affairs of Gaul. Julius had gone to great lengths to achieve this position, the highest position in the government, and yet he was still not satisfied. To avert this Caesar marched on Rome with his army and occupied the city. Rubicon the Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic. Caesar was not as effective a political leader as he had been a military leader. Antony would be a good leader of Rome because he is confident, noble, and persuasive. The conquest of Gaul.
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What made Julius Caesar a great general?