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It is also that rarity: an angry, politically-minded work of exuberant high spirits. His characters transcend themselves again and again. He spent ten years in Europe, mostly Germany, working as teacher of English and trying to write. They are what today we would call eco-terrorists: they drive spikes into trees, they disable bulldozers, they sink whaling ships. A lot of it is down to words. Markhorst, however, is not one of the hardliners who honour the motto Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan — Jimi Hendrix is certainly not the only one who can brush up a Dylan song. And inevitably on October 10, , he got about a hundred phone calls from different Polish media begging for a comment. He graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Canterbury, and a sore head from too much educated rap. The lyrical joy and optimism of his prose calls to mind the best passages from writers like Tom Wolfe, Tom Robbins, and Kurt Vonnegut, but Melo is at once tougher and more gentle than these writers. As usual with a Dylan record you hear every word. Our narrator is a shadowy figure at the edge of the group. Hundreds of advertorials on any subject imaginable flowed from his pen. Without fanfare, hyperbole, or rhetoric, Melo has brought forth the story of the rape of our natural world by forces who have always known exactly what they are doing. From the Portland Oregonian, November 21, "'Jokerman 8' moves from voice to voice in an easygoing style and storylines are merged as Melo moves from the s to the s. In his first novel, Melo produces a work that is sweet and stirring, like taking a long weekend furlough in the Siskiyou Forest before setting some SUVs on fire.

For almost 30 years he lived and worked in Israel where he discovered the history of the Bible. He has researched the history of chess for the authors of a number of books thereon, and written published articles on the subject.

A lot of it is down to words. The remarkable thing about Jokerman 8, the thing that makes you want it to go on forever, is Richard Melo, his voice and his philosophy.

He delivers that very clearly. He argues that these lyrics represent a continuation of the experimental poetic practices of modernism.

It's a wonderful book with rich, unforgettable characters and carries the message from beginning to end: Live happy.

He spent ten years in Europe, mostly Germany, working as teacher of English and trying to write.

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