Is there a difference in the absolute values of force generated by males and females

Russ and Kent-Braun studied men and women performing intermittent submaximal muscle contractions of the dorsiflexor muscles of the ankle during both free flow blood conditions and ischemic conditions.

compare the strength of the dominant forearm to that of the non dominant forearm

It has been shown that females typically rely less on carbohydrate and muscle glycogen stores and more on fat oxidation during endurance exercise, even with carbohydrate-loading diets. Men are more fatigable than strength-matched women when performing intermittent submaximal contractions.


Hunter, S. This area of neuromuscular activation and fatigue factors needs to be elucidated with more gender comparison studies. It is hypothesized that sex differences in the rates of fatigue accumulation and recovery of different muscle groups will lead to gender specific limiting neuromuscular factors for occupational tasks. During sustained muscle contraction, the neuromuscular system strives to maintain force production by increasing the recruitment of additional non-fatigued motor units, recruiting larger motor units, and increasing the firing rate of activated motor units Thompson et al. Our society moulds how men and women should and should not behave and can be observed in all parts of our society. Conclusion The nature of the induced fatigue was a combination of central and peripheral fatigue that did not fully recover over a minute period. Acta Physiologica Scandanavica

While one is more casual, the other is intimate and personal. The purpose of this study was to quantify the sex differences in fatigue development and recovery rate of lower and upper body musculature after repeated bouts of sustained isometric contractions.

Is there a difference in the absolute values of force generated by males and females

Numerous studies have shown women have a greater resistance to fatigue than men; therefore, women are able to sustain continuous and intermittent muscle contractions at low to moderate intensities longer than men Clark et al. Unrelated to fatigue, sex differences in EMG frequency measures have been difficult to determine [ 5 ].

Therefore, it is most likely that the increased absolute force generated by men causes a greater demand for muscle oxygen with more occlusion of blood flow due to increased compression of tissues [ 19 ].

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Sex differences in the rate of fatigue development and recovery