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She was able to put her creative writing and grammar together in a way she felt proud of. Bug likes to add illustrations too, which makes the whole thing even more enjoyable.

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But- he did SWI and did great with it. IEW really makes your writing more sophisticated. The basic strategies of taking notes with key words then constructing outlines are then used throughout the program for various types of writing assignments. Writing from Notes, 3. They have given my children the ability to write with confidence better than any other companies out there. They don't ask a lot at a time! There is no way to compare this to an other product.

There is no way to compare this to an other product. Formal Essay Models, and 9. This unit helps students learn to sequence events, and tie together introductions and conclusions.

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Pudewa is so funny! This means that parents and teachers are more likely to end up with a solid grasp of the course content, especially if they complete the writing assignments themselves as they watch the seminar lessons. If you are able to participate in an IEW seminar with Mr. We are working through the poems together as a family. I also teach students with learning disabilities and have been amazed how the use of the KWO has improved their comprehension of stories and the ability to recall a story in sequential order. The kids don't mind writing anymore, whereas before, they would whine. That girl can write an entire paragraph with only one period, but the KWO gives her a stopping point for her thoughts. Andrew Pudewa's TWSS has to be one of the best resources for helping parents overcome the confidence barrier and giving parents easy-to-use tools that help them successfully teach a wide range of students. He teaches simple, hack school, formulas to write exceedingly well! If you have used IEW and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here. We hope Lori has a luau planned! And it is based on games, which kids always love. We also love the Phonetic Zoo which helps older children to pick up their spelling skills with audio help. Find lesson plans available for this product at Homeschool Planet.

We just started using book 1 and it is going very well on week However, we did ship all orders except hers by the promised ship dates.

Now my only regret is that I didn't do this earlier!!

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Kids will use the summaries and notes to write their own content. We have loved IEW! Having just completed week three of this program, my son seems motivated as he uses the strategies to improve his writing.

I knew I wanted a solid foundation for Josh and Megan from the beginning of their formal writing education.

So far, I have graduated 2 from high school and have 4 more coming up the line.

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This is my first IEW purchase, but this will not be my last. And in the end, we are unequivocally pleased with what we are getting. This is a standard 5 paragraph essay, with guidance on other formats, which will help students expanding their writing. Also, I love that all about spelling is in the writing portion which my older son is using, thus saving me money. I really wish we had found this sooner. Fix-it Grammar is a program you complete in about 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week. IEW removes that problem by providing students with stories and reports to emulate while it teaches them techniques to improve their writing. Bible-Based Writing Lessons in Structure and Style has lessons that you can begin using from the very beginning of the Structure and Style program while most of the other books need to wait until a little later. I have already recommended this product to several other families. However, so far the children are quite engaged by Dr. Pudewa is exceptionally engaging! Thankfully the issue was resolved and I was able to purchase the phonetic farm spelling lessons at a discounted price along with keeping the huLa skirts. IEW also offers other related resources in their catalog or through their website. The HBW books can be adjusted for various grade levels.

Pudewa is so funny!

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