Ielts academic writing task 2 rubric

ielts writing task 1 band descriptors examiner version

You should not put your personal opinion in Task 1. Band 5 answers tend to have lots of different ideas in each paragraph.

ielts writing task 2 band descriptors examiner version

In this structure, the first paragraph is an introduction, followed by three body paragraphs and a conclusion. High-scoring responses have ideas that are clearly organized into paragraphs, each with a clear main point and a logical connection to the rest of the essay.

The above provides a sense of the kinds of things your IELTS examiner will consider when evaluating the Writing tasks. High Coherence and Cohesion Scores Low-scoring responses in coherence and cohesion have gaps in logic.

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This may be because you have lots of grammar mistakes, you have lost grammatical control of your sentences, the words and sentences are in a very illogical order or you have used words and phrases that are not appropriate or accurate. You must avoid using wrong words and informal language.

Ielts writing task 2 incomplete

Improve your vocabulary. Use of paragraphs — Are paragraphs used effectively? Check here for a copy of these descriptors. Mastering pronouns can help you with this; start your study here. Adam often forgets to wash his dishes. Do my paragraphs each contain one controlling idea that I discuss throughout the paragraph? There are lots more cars these days. Magoosh includes exemplary essays with its practice questions. Band 7 answers use a good range of these linking phrases effectively but there might be some over or under use. This is another place to restate your thesis and, ideally, summarize how the points you made in the essay support it. You can increase your band score by making it very clear to the examiner what each paragraph is about and then logically organise each sentence within that paragraph. High-scoring responses use idioms and collocations accurately and naturally across a wide range of topics. Most textbooks provide sample responses as well.

Errors — Are there errors in spelling, word form and word choice?

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IELTS Writing Task Assessment Criteria