How to write a welcome email to a new colleague announcement

New Employee Announcement Letter If your company likes to take a less modern approach to communication, writing a new employee announcement letter to the company is also a great idea.

If Kevin were to choose, his last meal would be a six-pack of Red Stripe beer and a large meat-lovers pizza. A great way to do that is is write a new employee welcome announcement. He reports to Name and Title of Manager. Ann will work closely with other customer service specialists.

This also allows the new person to more quickly integrate into the new workplace which is a good thing. This opens up the door to her new coworkers finding commonality and shared interests with the new employee.

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These sample announcement emails introduce the new employee to her new coworkers. He is currently working on his MBA in his spare time.

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A reception is scheduled for May 1 in the Building conference room to welcome Marie and two other new employees who are starting that week. To start, Marie is assigned to the widget team, so if you work on or with the widget team, do look for an opportunity to greet Marie.

You may also want to include a picture of the new employee and a map with the new employee's work location pointed out on it.

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Here Are Sample Announcements to Welcome a New Employee