How to write a press release email templates

Contact 1: save the date The purpose of this message is just to get your show on the radar of your media contacts. Thank you, Clay Mabbitt P. There are three rules that you should absolutely stick to. Further search gets you to her personal website where you get to learn that Dr Klass has: Three children.

Here you can see some of the stories HuffPost readers shared most within the last year: You can also enter keywords along with the domain name to limit your search to specific topics.

Press release template

Belicove, who shifts through two dozen pitches a day, says most of them are fatally flawed. Describe your product or service briefly and in straightforward terms max 5 sentences Paragraph Two: The Details Provide any proof you have that your product or service solves the problem using facts and data think number of subscribers, downloads, active users, etc. This will make it easier to find them. As we stated before, a release should offer something newsworthy, but it also helps to make the writing interesting. Which article are you working on next? The boilerplate also includes more resources for reporters as well as social media information. About Bulletproof , Inc. Journalists receive email after email from PR representatives, tech entrepreneurs, and small businesses, and the majority of the go straight in the trash. You could also tap into what people are talking about, either in person or on social media. Professional writers often spend as much time on the headline as they do writing an article. Use AllTop to find top blogs in your niche. Ever had that frustrating feeling? Get professional help! As you read it, note their use of attention-grabbing statistics, action words and clear benefits. So, how do you go about delivering a ready-to-print story?

Use it to discover influencers, top stories and trending publications. Craft an appealing headline: Use the main benefit from your press release to write a headline that is both clear and compelling.

sample press release email

So, how do you go about delivering a ready-to-print story? This is an invaluable insight that you can use when creating and pitching content!

press release format 2018

Get the free reading list Get our Branding reading list delivered right to your inbox. Belicove, who shifts through two dozen pitches a day, says most of them are fatally flawed.

This can help establish you as an expert in your field.

Sample press release template

Obviously 6 weeks is far too late to be making first contact with them. Hi Alice, Hope all is well. Clearly explain what your company does and why its stakeholders are experts in the industry. If you need inspiration, review your favorite blogs and online news sources and pay attention to the headlines that make you want to click to the story. Lead — a brief overview of the story, including answers to the questions: Who? Use AllTop to find top blogs in your niche. You can almost hear the crickets chirping. I followed it step by step and I found it dramatically reduced my day to day stress levels. By now, you should know the basics of sending a press release. Why pitch media? Top publishers are always looking for exclusive content and scoops, so this strategy works very well to get featured.

I format it as a PDF and attach it to the email message. Who do I send my press release to? When is the best time and day to send my press release?

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Free Press Release Template: Impress Journalists in Seconds