How to write a church choir constitution

Church choir rules and expectations

Committee meetings and Officers a The committee will be comprised of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer with up to four additional elected members plus two shadow or reserve members. Modest dressing is mandatory while coming for rehearsals. Membership and Subscriptions a Membership is open to any individual over the age of President i. Visible tattoos are not acceptable. Where committee members have not been elected at the AGM, voting can take place during allocated time at the weekly rehearsal. To represent the choir in public relations.

The election of the above officers will be held annually in the first week of April. This will aid private rehearsals at home and development. Nominees will be selected by majority vote of the members present. Members are expected to be on time to practice.

Equal Opportunities — No individual shall be excluded from membership of the choir or debarred from any official capacity on the grounds of sex, race, colour, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability or political affiliation.

gospel choir constitution

Acknowledging that a member's first commitment is their role as a student, executive officers may place a limit on the number of on-campus and off-campus performances that the choir accepts per month. Punctuality is precious to the choir. The amendment must be approved by a?

If agreed by a General Meeting, a Hardship Policy will be operated to maintain members involvement in the choir if they fall upon hard times. The financial year shall end on 31st July. Being late to practice does not reflect your consideration for other members, officers, and the Director's commitment to the mission of this choir.

The Church is responsible for the choristers during rehearsals. Designated dress rehearsals and sound checks are critical to our preparation before upcoming performances; failure to notify the Secretary of why you are not able to attend will result in your exclusion from participating in that performance.

The honorarium shall cover choir costs including musician costs, transportation, and Director salary. Modest dressing is mandatory during Rehearsals and at Mass.

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Choir Constitution