How to write a business article review

Read the text. Only then, you can accept or challenge it. In writing of your article, there may be instances of usage of inappropriate words or unclear statements.

Step 6. Theroux claims we travel to either find ourselves or lose ourselves, and through travel experiences, we open up our consciousnesses Theroux, It is worth repeating that a review is not where you share your personal opinion. You can create your own list of questions according to your assignment.

Identify the shortcomings and strengths of your publication. Here, you state the author's thesis. Note relevant facts and findings of the article. Article reviews play an important role in scholarship.

sample article review on education

Article review requires you to give your well-grounded opinion concerning a particular printed piece literature, science and technology, art, etc. Find us:. Also, critique the contributions of the material and overall effectiveness of the field.

Journal article review example

Include the author's conclusions in this section. To learn from example, you need to learn how to read it. The author did a good job highlighting the strong points of the works and mentioning the reasons for the obvious success of Ayn Rand. This will help you pinpoint the article's main argument and the evidence that they use to support that argument. Look at the title of the article, abstract, introduction, headings, opening sentences of paragraphs and conclusion. Also, indicate strengths and weaknesses. What will you tell about the author and the main points? Newspaper: Last, First M. To summarize the article properly, one needs to comprehend the essence of the work, its argument, and its main points. Thus you might consider dividing your outline according to these sections as well as subheadings within the body. You are expected to assess the main theme, its supporting arguments, and the perspectives for further research in the given direction. Before embarking on your writing process, you could outline your assignment or use an article review template to organize your thoughts more coherently. This text is only for your use, so it does not need any editing or proofreading, but it needs to be clear so that you could return to it at any time and not spend time remembering what exactly you meant by this or that.

Like any other written piece, an article review requires thorough preparation.

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How to Write an Article Review (with Sample Reviews)