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Little was done to prosecute the rioters untilwhen the Supreme Court ordered the creation of a special police team and the transfer of some trials out of Gujarat.

About 1, people, mostly Muslims, are killed. The CPI M said that the report reinforced communal prejudices. Within 15 minutes, Coach S-6 ignites, followed by cities, towns and villages across the western state of Gujarat.

A man who was described by actress and Rajya Sabha member Shabana Azmi as a "mass murderer"; a man who is charged with forgetting that he is the chief minister, not an RSS pracharak; a man whose dismissal is being sought by angry opposition MPs in Parliament.

The two biggest massacres are in Naroda Patiyawhere more than 90 people are killed, and at the Gulbarg Society, a Muslim housing complex where a rumor encouraged by a World Hindu Council leader incites a mob.

Why were forensic experts called to see the burnt Godhra coach only after two months, although it had been open to the public throughout that period? Following is a reconstruction of key developments before, during and after the riots.

What exactly did Modi celebrate in his Gaurav Yatra, which he launched within six months of the carnage?

naroda patiya massacre

Modi is now serving his fourth consecutive term as chief minister. His role was sought to be substantially erased from public memory by a systematic campaign of his re-invention as a moderate statesman. The Centre had the Constitutional responsibility and powers to send the military if the state governments asked.

I feel there was a conspiracy involving the state and central governments behind the Gujarat riots.

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The commission was caught up in controversy from the beginning. The court acquitted 29 others for want of evidence. The situation was aggravated further by Jafri firing from his revolver on the mob injuring seven. A fire started, and at least 58 Hindus were burned to death. Human rights activists and Indian solicitors have urged that legislation be passed so that "communal violence is treated as genocide. It also upheld the conviction of 11 others by a special court. Photo Credit: AP The verdict in this case, in which the Sabarmati Express train in Godhra carrying kar sevaks was burnt on February 27, , was delivered on March 1, This time, however, it wasn't the walled city where the troubles began. Modi begins a campaign based on Hindutva, or Hindu-ness, that aims to unite Hindus, and consolidate their votes, largely around a fear of Muslims. The paper carried reports to highlight communal harmony. The SIT made efforts to appoint independent prosecutors but some of them resigned due to their inability to function.

It likewise did not question him about his claim that he first heard about the Gulberg Apartments massacre in which Ehsan Jafri lost his life at 8 in the evening of February 28,many hours after the slaughter, even though he was closely monitoring the events at the Circuit House Annexe just a few kilometres away from the Gulberg Apartments.

Gordhan Zadafiathe Minister of State for Home, stated that he believed there would be no retaliation from the Hindu community.

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Narendra Modi 'allowed' Gujarat anti