Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal

the importance of evaluating learning activities

Planning A learning support practitioner or teaching assistant could contribute to planning of an activity simply by an informal discussion with the teacher about what weekly and daily activities will be taking place. Easy language should be used when talking to children so they understand what they have to do.

This may be by setting up the room with the correct resources before the lesson takes place and laying out the tables and chairs etc.

Describe the sorts of problems that might occur when supporting learning activities and how to deal

A fourth source of ideas for personality centers on whether or not it is necessary to posit a self that monitors, integrates, and initiates reaction. The best way to deal with it is to make it more interesting for them by involving them more.

We need to find out the reason for the disruption and sort out the problem.

support learning activities level 3 unit 303

Sometimes there is not enough space for a certain activity. You could see that the group dynamics will often change on particular tasks, where a more confident child on this task will take lead over a more confident child on another task.

Some children can be easily distracted, so would work better in a smaller group or with adult attention to keep them on task and encouragement to keep them focused. The learning activities and environment If children are working on an activity that requires a lot of space such as painting and there is not enough room for them to have access to the paint, they may quickly lose their focus on the task, so it is essential to ensure there is enough room for them and the equipment.

There needs to consistency throughout to ascertain a fair chance to all pupils and the levelling within the year group. Unorganised planning: If a lesson has not had the appropriate amount of planning or if the staff that are involved in the activity are not aware of their role and what is expected it can cause confusion during the lesson meaning it will not flow and the children will have disturb learning. If the children see the adults within the class react well and interact with other children, they will get a better response from them. I have in the past kept a workplace diary although I was only a parent helper I found that this helped as I could go over certain thing with the teacher at the end of the school day, I was thinking of doing this again when I am at my work placement as I think it may help me understand what each child likes to do and how they get on with day to day life at school. Related Interests. Hire Writer Where this is not possible it is important to organise the resourses you do have to enable you to share them out equally and encourage the children to share with a partner whenever possible. In the personalised learning and Every Child Matters, detailed information on individual pupils can help ensure that they realise their potential and that no one is left behind. Whenever you talk to your teacher about what went well or what aspects of the children struggled with you, you are making a contribution because it helps the teacher plan the next step, so without realising it you are contributing to planning. It is important also to check that equipment is safe and working and is not broken in any way and that I am aware of how to use it safely.
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Supporting Learning Activities and Assessment for Learning Essay Example