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The cognitive theory is a research based theory because it tends to investigate human behavior through making observations and thought analysis In the end.

behavioral theory of personality

The Biological Theory of mental and psychiatric disorders revolves around the brain, and that these disorders are illnesses, or diseases that cause disruptions in the brain to produce the effects of the disorder.

According to behaviorists, human behavior is influenced not only by mental processes but also through reflexes conditioning.


In my work career, I have observed that rewards such as good salary increment, welfare and health benefits helps in reinforcing employees hard work, commitment and loyalty to their employer.

The case history describes a client that had both social and individual causes for her alcohol use and subsequent dependence Ironically, these arguments have also shared diverse opinions and views that seemingly create a framework of contrast on these viewpoints.

Behavioral approach

Learning is viewed largely as a matter of trial and error: In any new situation, people try a variety of responses, increasing those that lead to desirable consequences and leaving unproductive ones behind. This theory contradicts the Biological theory, which states that criminals are "born to be bad" and that criminal behavior is inherited. The behavorist believe behavior should be explained in terms of environmental stimuli In the recent studies irrationality in the decision making was revealed , based on certain cognitive limitations. McLeod, S. The theory attempts to explain how our social environment has a great influence on our behaviors and actions. In each of the instructional design examples the behaviorism concept is prevalent. The child who hits the hardest gets the toy. This means that people act certain ways because of how they handled situations that have occurred in their life.

When a kid engages in bad behaviors, punishment helps in minimizing a repeat of such behaviors. Skinner created a container referred to as a Skinner box that had a lever within reach of the animal, in this case a rat, so that as the rat was exploring the environment, the rat might grasp the lever, and either food or water would be dispensed.

In addition to the "Tabula Rasa" theory another aspect of Determinism is Conditioning. Com Week 1 Individual Assignment Personality Reflection Write a to 1,word reflective paper that addresses the following questions: o How would you define personality?

behavioral theory of leadership essay
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Behavioral Theory Influence on Personality Essay