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I was able to negotiate a PM checkout for half price.

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Crim in general was good, but Crim Pro was horrible. But get into those habits. For me, property, torts, and contracts tended to be worse.

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It literally happened. They provide clear and complete rule statements, and more importantly, they show you how to write strong fact-driven legal analysis. Instead of creating and spotting issues, I checked for issues. The conclusion usually proves an element for a broader rule. And then also is that rules, although important, are not the most important thing for the bar exam. No wonder habit evidence is more powerful in court than character evidence! How do you know which facts trigger which issues?

You want to be focusing on it with minimal distractions. Instead of creating and spotting issues, I checked for issues. Because essays are not real life, you do not need to be inventive or creative with issues.

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And always remember that your name appears on the pass list. It literally happened. Most MBE explanatory answers provide a helpful template of how to construct a bar exam essay.

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By the third day, lying down on a bed during lunchtime felt like a luxury.

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5 Things I Did Differently to Pass the Bar Exam