Avian influenza and its expected ramifications essay

Avian influenza and its expected ramifications essay

The Puzzling Present and Worrisome Future of Avian Flu In addition to the Asian epidemic, unprecedented numbers of outbreaks of diverse subtypes of avian influenza arose during the — flu season in locations including British Columbia and three separate regions of the United States Figure S-3 Webster, a.

The risk also depends on the co-circulation of human and avian influenza viruses and the inherent propensity of these viruses to reassort. When a pandemic first strikes vaccine will likely not be ready for distribution.

The campaign is advertised in public areas such as schools and hospitals. We need to be proactive in our planning, not reactive; establish priorities for scarce resources; and invest in a wide range of activities that will enhance our collective response.

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With this approach it may be possible to create an influenza vaccine stockpile in the future. Water birds such as wild ducks are believed to be the carriers of all avian influenza type A viruses.

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This apparently occurred in Mexico after chickens were vaccinated against highly pathogenic H5N2 influenza in ; today, antigenically distinct variants of the vaccine strain are spreading among the country's poultry flocks Lee et al.

Vaccinations: Stay up-to-date especially with the seasonal flu and pneumococcal vaccines. People should receive tests within 4 to 5 days of symptoms appearing. As evidenced from this past influenza season, during an influenza outbreak the media and the public demand accurate, timely, and local surveillance data to respond to the questions that will be posed to public health authorities: Who is affected?

In California, poultry producers kept their knowledge of a recent H6N2 avian influenza outbreak to themselves due to their fear of public rejection of poultry products; meanwhile, the disease spread across the western United States and has since become endemic Box S Influenza is a stronger version of the cold, as it can lead to extreme pain and congestion, and, as we have seen, it can often result in death Unfortunately, the system's utility is limited by the fact that avian influenza has been relatively rare in The Netherlands, and is thus unlikely to be recognized by veterinarians Koch, Implement measures to decrease the spread of disease internationally and within the United States guided by the epidemiology of the pandemic.

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Current estimates place the death toll from the approximately year-long pandemic at 50 to million. As the credibility of public authorities crumbled, so did social order. Never before has an avian influenza virus with a documented ability to infect humans caused such widespread outbreaks in birds in so many countries. It has been three months since I had chicken, I have been eating fish and vegetables, but I really miss eating chicken meat. Upon returning home from the fronts, the soldiers were not only welcomed home by the citizens of America, but also introduced a new threat that led to much desolation throughout the American nation. Wild birds are the natural hosts for all known influenza type A viruses. It begins with its early history and the reasons for why influenza was never feared. Increased vaccine use during the inter-pandemic years will increase production capacity, but depends upon the burden of influenza within individual countries compared with other health priorities. What is missing—as evidenced by the clarion calls of workshop presenters—is the political will to support such efforts before the next pandemic renders them futile. However, this influenza pandemic was unusual because of its large death toll on healthy and young people, how fast it spread, and how deadly it was. The country then reverted to passive agricultural surveillance while maintaining active clinical surveillance for human cases.
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