Autobiography of non living things

And now I end my sad, little story with a request. It may be stretching a point to include, from the 1st century bce, the letters of Cicero or, in the early Christian era, the letters of St.

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Now I was done for. The word has Greek origin.

Autobiography of non living things

My past is amazing. I did not know what was happening. Then i came to know that they took us their to baking Bricks. I will continue for far more ages to come. When I looked around, I could see lots of beautiful things. In other words, it is the story that a person wrote about themselves. I am the creator, I am creativity, I am the determinant, the ultimate judge, the flow, the infinite and I am who was born to myself. There are but few and scattered examples of autobiographical literature in antiquity and the Middle Ages. I saw every Living Thing in the River. After a long journey they unloaded the truck on a Kiln. Change is the plank I survive on. My past is much enjoying and free out of any strength.

Next morning, the maid carried me off to somewhere. And came in city Multan.

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There I stood on the shelves, gleaming under the spotlights waiting, for book lovers to come and buy me. At bedtime, he decided to read me… while eating a chocolate cake.

Autobiography of a wall clock in 2000 words

I am far and I am near,I am who is close to the soul, yet I am the one who knows no bounds and my entities are unknown to everyone else existent in the universe. Post Script : The project does not actually involve any help from any teacher or guide or website in order to be written. Photograph Source From the art of elation to that of sorrow, I teach life to live. After a few days Latter they took us near the Furnace. My rebirth marks eternity. He read a few pages, and used his fat, podgy finger to wipe chocolate cream off my pages. As soon as I got to my new home, I was put aside carelessly.

There are but few and scattered examples of autobiographical literature in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Let me tell you about my past. I cried but no one care me.

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How do we write an autobiography of a non living thing?