An unforgettable person my teacher essay

I did not want to disappoint him, because he was a little frightening to me. Teachers are persuasive and have the power to build a child up from an immature student to become a responsible adult; or they can completely and utterly crush a students hopes and dreams.

Kelly of mendota heights, MN Vote for my essay with a tweet! This brilliant man, who could solve complicated problems in a second, would not correct a vegetable seller for doing the maths wrong and over-charging him because he felt shy, according to our seniors.

Before that year, I did not like school and did not try hard. In this society where many people often pass by without greeting each other, seeing her might be like seeing an oasis in a desert.

All the students get involved to listen to his classes. When I say that Pinaki-da was the most influential, I mean he had the biggest impact on my future trajectory and steered me in the direction that turned out to be my true calling.

Another guy wrote about making kimchi with his mom. We have our memories. M all the students waits for her to come in their sits. These memories that are happiest and saddest memories are still in my mind. Everyone always call her Bu Dwi.

But there is something special about the profession of teaching where an individual chooses to make an impact on students ,they hardly know on Day 1 of class and yet they have a goal of sending those young faces on their way to a well-rounded education in the or so days they will have them in his or her care.

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His passionate teaching had such a positive effect on me and my attitude towards education.

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An Unforgettable Teacher