A summary of the city of joy by dominique lapierre

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She had of course sold her emaciated body for the night, but the reprimanding scowls are won over with the rustle of two ten-rupee notes changing hands. Father Stephan joins a religious order whose vows put them in the most hellish places on earth. Are these essay examples edited? He did not find any work, they lived in the pavements. By the help of a friend, Ram, Hasari became an pedicab driver. Bose becomes a Nobel Laureate page 31 , Calcutta markets start receiving betel from Patna and meat from Andhra page 25 and, in an unbelievable situation where a waiter at the Oberoi Grand peddles to a guest in his room first girls, and then cute boys and even clean transvestites. And, perhaps for the first time, what Lapierre has presented is not a collage from the scrap-books of history but a subtle ground-level view of the human situation, done with great compassion in a form that represents the borderline between reportage and fiction. He stayed in the slums just like the poor and suffered with them in all their tragedies and rejoiced with them in all the small joys. After years and years of transporting the rich and their goods, they start coughing blood and that is when they know the end is near. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. However, the book is considered fictional since many conversations and actions are assumed or created.

There was a problem adding your email address. Who doesn't know her? It is only at the crack of dawn that the girl returns to the pavement home, reeking of cheap scent.

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It could have been a masterpiece of its own kind only if Lapierre had not from time to time tended to get facile, trying to encapsulate history in a hurry like he did with Collins in both Is Paris Burning?

Even Pal sold his bones so that he could get enough money to pay for the dowry of his daughter's marriage. He had come with his wife and children to the city in the hopes of earning enough money to go back to his village to the rest of his family and start farming again.

Unfortunately, the novelistic approach he has chosen occasionally casts an aura of Puzo or Cartland over individual scenes: "".

A summary of the city of joy by dominique lapierre

Lapierre does it through a procession of cameos, some of which are brilliantly crafted. And how happy he was to become one! But, here, Stephan found the light of God that he seeked for.

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Anyone who comes to Calcutta hopes to earn money and go back to his village to continue with their old life, but that's more of a myth for the poor. Saturday, 24 September City of Joy - Dominique Lapierre I had read this book about 6 years ago and then, I came across it again when I had gone back to my birthplace 2 months ago for a break. But the hurt, almost paranoid, ego of the city may ironically be comforted by the fact of its drawing a different kind of international attention at last: that as a waste land created by receding colonialism in which human values are trying to redefine themselves, just as on the day of Creation. Shortly afterwards his chest caved in with a rattle. That was his last duty left as a man before he went to the other world. The tale is initially absorbing, constantly disturbing and ultimately uplifting. To write this book, Dominique Lappier had to live in slum area in Calcutta, India for about two years. But there were more people who had given up their lives to suffer with the poor of Calcutta.
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THE CITY OF JOY by Dominique Lapierre