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His innovations in manufacturing and distribution have made him one of the most successful businessmen of our time. The Commodore 64 became the best-selling PC of all time. In January , he registered his company and operated out of a condominium. Today, many varieties of wireless computers can be held in the palm of a hand. So having taken this computer apart and figured out a lot of stuff about how it worked, you actually developed a business of your own quite early on. His outlook on the technology industry and supply chain innovations he led at the helm of Dell changed the IT industry forever. Mainframe computers of the s took up entire rooms; minicomputers were the size of refrigerators; and microcomputers, which eventually became known as personal computers PCs , could fit on a desktop.

The third problem involved entry into the retail market in His parents were furious when he told them he wanted to drop out of college, so to appease them, Dell agreed to go back to school if the summer's sales proved disappointing.

Thanks for watching! A learning attitude accepted failure as essential to the process of taking unconventional approaches to problems, and openminded self-criticism provided the foundation for innovation. Citation Information.

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From the start Dell emphasized a customer focus. During the summer of that year, the company began producing the Turbo PC, its first computer made entirely from scratch, rather than a customized version of another company's machine. The machine caught the attention of the news media and garnered excellent performance reviews and a cover story in PC Week. He also knew the direct model gave Dell a price advantage. The company has expanded its line of products in recent years to include network servers powerful machines that run computer networks , storage systems, handheld computers, and printers—an expansion signified by its name change from Dell Computer to Dell, Inc. The Commodore 64 became the best-selling PC of all time. But Dell had yet another ace up his sleeve. That way the consumer could buy the product for less, and Dell held on to every penny of the profits. By padding its statements, investigators claimed, Dell Computer had misled investors about its actual earnings.

But how would they know about you? Dell's parents wanted him to be a doctor.

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In a move to help rebuild the company he founded, Dell announced in February that he would be taking his business private again. Parts inventory and computer manufacturing processes were designed for rapid configuration and product delivery in a matter of days. Dell has also been recognized "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Inc. You know, year-old, year-old kids like to do stuff like that. While Apple had popularized computers with graphical user interfaces, Microsoft became a major GUI player with the release of its first Windows operating system in By Scott Allen Updated May 07, Michael Dell revolutionized the personal computer industry by skipping the middleman and selling computers directly to the customer at home. When I was a freshman at the University of Texas, I was going to school and had every intention of going to school.

Dell Computer grew at an astronomical rate, and with that growth came problems. Through his direct method of offering low-cost, custom-configured personal computers direct to customers, Dell changed the competitive dynamic of the computer industry.

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When economic downturn negatively affected sales of personal computers, Dell initiated another price war, beginning in Januaryadding aggressive advertising and cost cutting to the strategy. The Commodore 64 became the best-selling PC of all time.

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Dell's story is so compelling that, in , he published a best-selling book about his success, Direct from Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized the Industry. Rather than simply pursue rapid growth as a goal, Dell adapted to the need to include data about cash liquidity and profitability into daily decision making. His emphasis, however, wasn't just on good machines, but strong customer support and cheaper prices. When he introduced servers in Dell knew that Compaq used high profit margins in servers to offset low margins in desktop computers. When I was a freshman in college, selling upgrade kits and enhancing computers. User Contributions: Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic: Name:. When rapid growth surpassed the company's ability to provide quality products and service and operate profitably in the early s, Dell sought objective perspectives. The year-old Dell dubbed his venture PCs Ltd. Awards: Customer Satisfaction Award, J. Although he made many mistakes, Dell credited those mistakes with helping him learn quickly.
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