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And how are you? Firstly, parallels between the author and the protagonist she created reveal not only that authors may lend their own voice to that of their narrator, but also that Miriam Toews purposefully created Nomi Nickels as symbolic representation of herself.

Her words reveal characters as an image of their creators, shedding a light on the writing of many other novels. A Complicated Kindness is like waking up in a crazy Bible camp, or witnessing an adolescent tour guide tear off her uniform and make a break for the highway.

This marked the end of his life, therefore also ending a lifelong struggle with mental illness.

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On May 13, , Melvin Toews, father of Miriam Toews, stood upon a railroad track near his Mennonite community, waiting for an incoming train Winnipeg Free Press, Ray Nickels was created in an attempt to both capture and recreate memory; his story is symbolic of the life of Melvin Toews, as Miriam chooses to remember it. This novel, however, explores not simply the life of a fictional coming-of-age young woman, but also of the author herself. It can be said that A Complicated Kindness was an attempt to reunite a family permanently estranged at the hands of depression and the confinement of religion. Thanks a lot, Menno. Her family has recently been torn apart - her older sister Tash ran away to the c What a bittersweet story this is. In the novel, Ray Nickels lovingly supports his youngest daughter, Nomi Nickels, in an attempt to hold loosening strings of a once happy family, years after hope has been lost with the departure of his eldest daughter and wife. Her family home is starting to sprout broken windows. They wander about the streets in the night, have sex out of boredom, drink and do drugs and sometimes self-destruct in very direct and more efficient ways than you would think is humanly possible in picture-perfect societies. In addition, the representation of Miriam Toews in the protagonist and narrator of A Complicated Kindness is further strengthened by the presence of a similar parallel in her other novels. Miriam Toews created this fictional coming-of-age story as an opportunity to reinvent her own life. Had Toews cut the novel by 30 or 40 pages, the story would not have suffered even a tiny bit.

A Complicated Kindness is a coming of age story with a difference - sharp, sardonic and undeniably moving. Tasha's exit was no great surprise, but Trudie's sudden, unexplained departure has left her bereft and perplexed.

I can embellish.

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Her family home is starting to sprout broken windows. I can exaggerate. To Nomi, her theme park duties amount to bogusness piled upon bogusness. These examples clearly illustrate that beyond coincidence, Miriam Toews created her protagonist, Nomi Nickels, as an image of herself.

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A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews