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Few people know the predicament we are in. The book made the reader feel as if you were one of the every changing number of soldiers.

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General Charles Lee advises Washington to place the canons near the East River and he does just that and he also begins to fortify Long Island. America was already independent.

George Washington fears for his army and in a letter to Joseph Reed Washington confesses that he feels he should have never agreed to lead the American army. As an example he asked his students when America was founded. In February, the Americans plot to lure away a part of the American army situated in Boston and then to attack Boston and retake it. So Washington was a slave-owner and a friend of liberty? Following the French and Indian War, which lasted from to , the British Empire began to tighten controls over its American colonies, instituting heavy taxes most infamously the Stamp Act of I highly recommend it to fans of history. The army is made out of men with various ages, ranging from children to old men in search of a steady job. On July 14, the British army sends Washington a letter and he later meets with Captain James Paterson who tells him that the British Empire is willing to forgive everyone who got involved in the war but Washington refuses. They very nearly did. But for a few lucky turns of fate, the British might have won the war. Arn, Jackson. McCullough inserts profiles of his leading actors.

Even if they still won battles, they were becoming history. A smallpox epidemic affects many soldiers so the army is again in a state of chaos.

In September 20, a fire breaks in New York and burns down a big part of the city. Every time I see the title of McCullough's book,it reminds me of this issue because of an incident in a colleague's classroom.

This is a well written, conventional war history, illustrated with quotations from the letters and diaries of men and some women on both sides.

1776 david mccullough

So Washington was a slave-owner and a friend of liberty? Only in a revolution, and especially a can-do American revolution, could this Billy Bunter turn into a wonderful general who began by thinking up and carrying through the mad feat of towing the guns from Ticonderoga and ended up as one of the victors at Yorktown.

Also the book gives a very detailed and informative account of the battles and military life from the Battle of Joston to the Battle of Trentom Finally the author, David McCullough, of the book as many other works and xperiences that tell the reader why and how 1 is such a credible source as well as expertly written.

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The war dragged on until the British surrender at Yorktown in

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